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7 Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Brentwood Home

Published on September 9th, 2020

7 Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Brentwood Home

If you ask most Brentwood contractors, they’ll tell you that decks are one of the most popular additions to a home – and for good reason! Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to make the most of the space that they have, both inside and out. And adding a deck can make your home even more enjoyable and functional than it already is. Here are a few more awesome benefits that you’ll get when you add a deck to your Brentwood home:

1. A Deck Will Make Your Home More Beautiful

Take a look at your back door. Do you just have a simple stoop or steps that lead directly to the grass or a plain concrete patio? Doesn’t it look a little plain and unfinished?

Well, that’s because it is. There’s so much untapped potential in that back yard! Think about how much better your property will look after you’ve added a deck. And when you hire professional Brentwood contractors to build a deck for you, they can customize the material, color, shape, etc. to best complement the style and character of your home.

2. Decks Can be Used for Many Different Activities

Decks aren’t just for looks; they can be used in a variety of ways. The most common purpose for decks is to have gatherings – you can place a table and chairs on your deck for outdoor meals, create an outdoor living room with comfy weather-resistant furniture, or have a built-in fire pit to gather around on cool nights.

But your new deck doesn’t have to be shared – you can use it as a private escape – somewhere you can take in a bit of sun, do some bird watching, read a book, or gaze up at the stars. Adding a deck will allow you to create the exact oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

3. Decks Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you have a large or small back yard, decks make the perfect addition. Your Brentwood contractors can design a deck for you that will meet your needs perfectly.

Do your kids love spending time outdoors? Then have your Brentwood contractors include a play area as part of your deck. You can even have them add built-in storage benches to stash away all of your kids’ outdoor toys when they’re done playing.

Or maybe you love to unwind by doing a bit of gardening. If so, then you might consider adding flower boxes to the design of your new deck.

4. Decks Can Be Built Quickly

With some home additions, you have to wait many long months before you can enjoy the final result. Not so with a new deck! Professional Brentwood contractors will be able to complete your deck in just 2 days (or maybe even less!)

5. Decks are Easy to Maintain

You really don’t have much to do when it comes to maintaining your new deck. All that’s required is sweeping away excessive debris (like leaves) and shoveling off snow. Other than that, you just need to hire Brentwood contractors to clean and seal your deck every 2 to 3 years to further protect it from the elements.

6. A Deck Addition is Easy on Your Wallet

If you’re looking to add living space to your home, adding a deck is one of the most wallet-friendly home renovations you can make. No need to sink thousands upon thousands into your home to make it more livable – a simple, inexpensive deck will do the job very nicely.

7. A High-Quality Deck Increases Your Property Value

Not only is adding a deck one of the most inexpensive home improvement options around, it also has a pretty high rate of return. For every dollar you spend on a new wooden deck, the value of your home will increase by about 82 cents. That’s one of the highest returns on investment you can get for home renovations – even better than replacing your siding, adding a bathroom, or remodeling your kitchen!

You Need a Deck!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of great reasons to invest in a new deck – they’re functional, beautiful, easy to maintain, and will boost the value of your property. So what are you waiting for? Call your local Brentwood contractors today and you’ll soon be enjoying the deck of your dreams.

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