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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing and professional siding services!


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Common Residential Roofing Issues

Published on October 5th, 2015

You need your roof much more than you tend to know it or to appreciate it. Your roof protects your family and your home from the not-so-pleasant face of the weather. The snow, the rain, the hail and the sunlight are the elements that your roof must endure. That’s no easy task – this is why you need to ensure that your roof is in the best condition to keep your home protected.

The best option is to maintain your roof and do regular checks to help you detect any roof damage or issues that could turn into problems. The earlier you detect them, the more beneficial it would be for you. You would be able to avoid very expensive repairs in the future. Read on and you will see some of the roofing problems your roof may experience and the ways you can help to prevent them from happening.

  • Leaks and Holes: The older and weaker your roof becomes, the more susceptible it will be to leaks and holes. These are likely to happen in the winter. Installing a durable, gutter system, which can help to regulate the flow of water and debris, is a great way to prevent moisture and leaks.
  • Shortened Life Expectancy: This may be as a result of improper installation. You may experience sheet contraction and leaks as well. The best way to avoid this problem is to entrust your roofing installation and all your other roofing needs, to a professional roofing company.
  • Obstructions: Obstructions on your roof can cause damage to shingles and even pose hazards to home owners or roof inspectors. If you realize that there are obstructions on your roof, especially obstructions like electric cables and roof shingles, you should have them removed, to avoid any injuries and roof damage.
  • Ponding Water: This is buildup of water on your roof and it may result in a buildup of debris too. These buildups can result in a cluttered gutter system and cause other problems too.
  • Improperly Attached Roof Flashing: Your roof can run into many problems if the flashing has not been properly installed. That’s the reason you need to ensure that you have your roof inspected, before and after it is installed.

Discuss it with us. We know the ups and the downs and we can help you choose what’s right for you. If you’re in Nashville, you can contact us for all of your roofing needs. We are certified roofers in Nashville and we start with an inspection and a FREE estimate for your roof installation, repair, or replacement. Even when storms do their damage, we’re there for you to fix leaky roofs and more. Pick up the phone and call – we’re waiting!

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