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How To Waterproof Your Shed Roof In 3 Simple Steps

Published on September 10th, 2015

Metal Shed Roof WaterproofingYou may have a lot of tools or equipment or even items you want to store away and your house doesn’t have a garage, so you decide to build a shed. The very important issue now is to make sure that your items are safe from the elements of the environment, especially the water. You need to make your metal shed roof waterproof. So how do you go about doing that? You do that by using these three steps:

Step 1: Check the weather and ensure that you choose a day when the weather is dry. You don’t want to have any intermittent showers disturbing your waterproofing process. You don’t want to work in humid conditions either, because the moisture may actually seep underneath the coatings of waterproofing material. Drier conditions are better for waterproofing the roof; because they help the coatings you put on to dry faster. When you’re ready to get to the meat of the matter, secure a ladder against the wall, and then clean the roof’s surface of any debris because it can weaken the bond of the caulking material.

Step 2: When you are finished cleaning the roof, check to see if there are any holes. If you can’t see any, you can pour some water on the roof and see if there are any bubbles present – if there are, it means that there is a hidden fissure. By caulking the holes, you are sealing them in a durable manner. By using silicone caulking, you are ensuring that the holes are strong and moisture-resistant. A caulking gun can help you to apply the material. Another thing you should do is apply some silicone caulk around areas where the roof has been fastened, like on the screws and nail fasteners, to prevent them from corroding and causing a leak. When you are finished, leave the caulk to cure.

Step 3: Get a hold of waterproofing paint and apply it to the roof. Ensure that you don’t dilute the paint excessively, because this may interfere with the bonding ability of the paint. Stick carefully to your packaged instructions when it’s time for you to blend the roofing paint and the primer together. Apply the first coat of the paint in a downward direction so that the excess paint drips off. Then apply another coat and let them dry for a day. If you see any areas where the paint is beginning to peel away, recoat that area.

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