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Nashville Commercial Roofing: 4 Flat Roof Replacement Options

Published on September 9th, 2020

When it comes to reducing costs for your business, choosing the right roofing for your business can be a fantastic long term investment of time and understanding. There are many different types of flat roofing to choose from. It can be hard to know which roofing system will best meet your needs. Don’t let all the options overwhelm you! Learn a bit more about some of the most common types of Nashville commercial roofing designed for flat roofs.

Traditional Built-Up Roofing

This type of roofing is well known to Nashville roofers due to its popularity and long-standing use on flat roofs. In fact, built-up roofing has been a staple of Nashville commercial roofing for many years.

A built-up roofing system is made from asphalt paper that has been saturated with hot liquid coal or asphalt. The asphalt paper is layered in a crisscross pattern to add stability and durability. After each layer of paper is placed on the roof, it is then mopped over with the hot tar for reinforcement.

Nashville roofers typically place three or more layers of the asphalt/tar combo to make sure that the roof remains strong. After finishing the layers, aggregate stone is then spread over the roof, which helps deflect UV rays.

This type of Nashville commercial roofing is often called a “tar and gravel” roof, for obvious reasons. There are many benefits to this type of flat roofing including its longevity and cost-effectiveness.

The downside is that this roofing system can be rather heavy, which could put a strain on your roof. It’s also not very environmentally friendly since most of the materials are oil-based.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing was created in Western Europe during the 1960s. This type of roofing was designed to be a more durable alternative to the traditional hot tar and gravel roofs.

Modified bitumen roofing is similar to traditional built-up roofing in many ways but it does have some distinct advantages. For instance, modified bitumen roofing is much easier for roofers to install. That’s because the layers of materials are pre-assembled in the factory during the manufacturing process.

The membranes used in modified bitumen roofing are also tougher; materials such as fiberglass are woven into the sheets to make them more durable without adding any unnecessary weight.

Another advantage to modified bitumen roofing is that the material is pre-coated with a mixture designed to protect your roof from the sun. That means there will be no gravel to back up your gutters.

On the downside, modified bitumen isn’t the cheapest Nashville & Fairview commercial roofing option available. Though it may be a tad more costly up-front, the longevity of a modified bitumen roof generally makes up for the additional expense.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber, which is why these are often called “rubber roofs.” EPDM roofing is a top choice for Nashville & Fairview roofers because it’s durable, light, and easy to install.

There are other advantages to EPDM roofing, too. Compared to other roofing materials, EPDM roofs are easier to maintain and more resistant to weather damage. EPDM is also considered to be more eco-friendly than other Nashville & Fairview commercial roofing options.

But there are some negatives associated with EPDM roofing. That’s to be expected, of course – no roofing system is perfect. For EPDM, the biggest downfall is that its black color tends to absorb heat which means an additional light-colored roof coating should be placed over the top of it in warmer climates.

Metal Roofing

When you think about Nashville commercial roofing, metal probably isn’t the material that first pops into your mind. It may not be your traditional tar and gravel roof, but metal roofing is an excellent choice for your business’s flat roof.

Using metal for flat roofs has become a popular option among Nashville & Fairview roofers primarily because of its strength and longevity. Metal roofing

Metal is also a great choice for Nashville & Fairview commercial roofing because it helps to keep energy costs down. Metal is a reflective material, which means your roof (and business) won’t be absorbing so much heat from the sun.

Nashville & Fairview roofers also like metal flat roofs because they’re low-maintenance compared to other roofing systems. All your maintenance team has to do is make sure that leaves, branches, and other debris are removed regularly and you’re good to go.

As with every roofing system, metal roofs do have a disadvantage. They can be more difficult to install than other types of roofing which means the up-front installation cost can be pricey.

Which Roofing Choice Is Right for Your Business?

The good news for business owners is that you have a lot of flat roofing options to choose from. The bad news is that it can be hard to know which type of Nashville & Fairview commercial roofing is best for you.

Here’s our advice: Make a list of the properties you’d most like to have in a roofing system. Does it need to be durable? Environmentally friendly? Easy to maintain? Inexpensive?

Once you have an idea what your roofing priorities are, contact reputable Nashville & Fairview roofers to discuss your options in-depth and choose the flat roofing that’s right for you.

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