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What You Need to Know About Passive Roof Vents

Published on August 28th, 2015

Passive Roof VentsWhat are passive roof vents?

Passive roof vents allow air flow throughout the house, without the use of fans. They help keep the home more comfortable by providing areas where the heated, moist and stale air can exit your home. Could you imagine that the temperature can reach up to 150 degrees in the summer?

The Benefits of Passive Roof Vents

You don’t want that kind of hot air in your house, especially not in the winter. That hot air can condense and cause mold growth and rotting. It can also get trapped in the attic and cause quick melting of the snow, which then runs down the roof and refreezes, causing ice dams. Ice dams are a whole other story.

If you have a roof vent you need to do the following:

  • Have professional roofers check your vents every year.
  • Clean your vents by removing leaves, pollen, bird nests, spider webs, pollen, dirt and other debris that stops the air from easily flowing through.
  • Get damaged flashing and screen rips or tears fixed.
  • See if there is any rust or rot around the flashing or framing.
  • If you have soft-fit vent openings, take a look at them from inside your attic. Ensure that your insulation stops clean from the eave area.

What Are the Different Roof Vent Options & Types?

You have various options for roof vents too. There are ridge vents (which are stationed at the peak of the roof); static vents (which are basically holes in the roof that encourage circulation); gable vents (which are positioned in the gable ends of the attic; and wind turbines (which are mushroom-shaped caps that catch natural wind currents).

Get your roof vents installed so that you can ensure that your family is comfortable within your home. If you’re in Nashville, you can contact us for all of your roofing needs.

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