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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing and professional siding services!


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Spring Gutter Repairs in Nashville, TN

Published on April 7th, 2021

While gutters are one of the most important features of your home, they are often the most overlooked. Gutters direct the water that falls on your roof into the downspouts and away from your home. If either the downspouts or gutters are broken or clogged, the water accumulates on the roof, which can damage the roof and shorten its life expectancy.

The rain can also spill over the gutters and accumulate at the base of your foundation, causing damage to the foundation itself, wood rot, or seepage into your basement. Additionally, if you have landscaping next to your home, the excess water can damage your shrubs and other plants.

Common Issues

Keeping your gutters clean, well-maintained, and free from damage is extremely important, and it becomes an especially pressing issue in the springtime. Heavy spring rains can cause extensive damage if your gutters are in disrepair. Now is the best time to fix or replace your gutters if they are broken.

Common Gutter Problems

Listed here are a few of the most common gutter problems that homeowners face:

· Sagging gutters
· Clogs in the gutters or downspouts caused by debris
· Holes or separations between sections
· Improperly placed downspouts
· Gutters pitched incorrectly
· Missing or broken gutters

Tennessee Winters

Winters in Tennessee are usually quite mild compared to other parts of the country, and while the warm sunny days are always welcome, the constant temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on your gutters. The alternating freezing and melting weakens the gutter seams, causing them to leak and sag. Broken gutters cannot protect your home, often resulting in structural damage.

With the spring season upon us, it is the perfect time of year to repair or replace your defective gutters. While you probably don’t think about them too often, a properly functioning gutter system diverts more than 600 gallons of rainwater from a 1,000 square foot roof during a 1” rainfall.

In addition to protecting your roof and foundation, gutters also keep your soffit and fascia dry and free from rot. This can be especially important on older homes or other structures with decorative wood trims – however, water can find its way under aluminum sided areas as well.

Replace Your Gutters – Protect Your Home

Replace Your Gutter

Your home is your most important investment – don’t take your gutters for granted. The last thing you want is for a manageable issue to turn into an extensive repair. Now is the perfect time to reach out to our team at Showalter Roofing for professional gutter repair or gutter installation in Nashville, TN.

We invite you to contact our knowledgeable team for a free roof and gutter inspection. Give us a call today and let us protect your home with professionally installed high-quality gutters.

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