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The Advantages Of Cool Roofs

Published on December 3rd, 2015

In past years, many roofs were designed without the cooling effect in mind. They were made with dark colors and without solar radiation control coatings. These made the inside of the commercial or industrial building much more heated and this resulted in higher cooling costs as well.

Cool roofs are quite advantageous to your home or commercial building. They can actually save you about 7 to 15 percent of your total cooling costs. There are a number of responses when it comes to cooling roof costs. We will show you.

  • You can have lower temperatures in the very hot months of the year. Traditional cooling techniques won’t be as effective on the insides of buildings as the new and improved cool roofs.
  • You will have less energy use and cost during the hot summer months. This is because energy bills are lower and there will be about 40% less cooling energy used as compared to that of traditional, darker-colored roofs.
  • You will have less maintenance costs since cool roofs don’t need much (or sometimes any) maintenance and their lifespan is usually longer than conventional roofing.
  • You can enjoy improved air quality due to the reduced emissions. The lessened amounts of pollution excreted into the air is the less your air will be contaminated with gases like NOx and CO The levels of smog in the atmosphere, which consists of “ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide”, will be lowered as well, leaving healthier air for you (and your community) to breathe.
  • You will have a mitigated heat island index. This simply means that there will be less heat maintained throughout the day in the dense urban areas, resulting in lower building temperatures and in the entire urban area in general.
  • You get utility rebates. You will find that there are various incentives that can reward your efforts for cool roofing strategies.

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