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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Roofer Before You Replace Your Roof

Published on September 8th, 2020

10 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Roofer

Replacing a commercial roof is usually a business expense that is not built into a company’s capital expenditures budget. That’s why it’s important you have all the information necessary before making that decision. Here’s a list of 10 great questions from a commercial roofing pro in Columbus that will help you know you are making the right decision and minimize expenses.

  • Why is my current roof failing? There are many reasons why a roof system can fail. By knowing why the roof is failing you can understand why you have to replace it.
  • How much would it cost to repair this roof for another five years? It’s important that you weight the cost of buying a new one vs. repairing your current roof.
  • If replacement weren’t an option, what would your best recommendation to stop all the leaks be? You are getting ready to spend a lot of money and you should know what (if any) your options are for repairing your current leaks.
  • Do you use sub-contractors or do you have your own crews? Neither one is better than the other, but if they are using a subcontractor then you should follow up with a couple questions about how many times they have used the crew they plan on bringing.
  • Do you plan on covering my existing roof or tearing it off? Both can have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important part is that the company is abiding by International Building Code. It’s most important that your contractor tears off a roof that has “two or more” roof systems currently on it.
  • What is the difference in price between a 30-year manufacturer warranty and a 15-year manufacture’s warranty? These are the standard gaps (with 20 and 25-year warranties being available in-between) and the cost difference may be not be much, depending on the type of roof you have.
  • Is there a customer, similar to our business, which you have performed a replacement for? Could I call them and ask them how it went? There isn’t a better way to get great feedback than to speak with a past client of a roofing company.
  • When could you realistically begin? One company may be less expensive but it if takes them six months to start then it might be worth paying a bit more to begin sooner.
  • How do you handle Change Orders? It’s inevitable; there will be things that are uncovered during your roofing project that will cost more money. It’s best that you are kept in the loop as they are being discovered, however, and not just sent the bill after they are repaired.
  • Who will my Project Manager be during the build? Make sure someone you trust to communicate with you will be onsite while the build is going on.

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